Wallowa County Wellness Expo

Holistic Wellness Explored

We’re a gathering.  Bringing to our community alternative options that heal the mind, the spirit, and the body.  All for the benefit of the soul.

Where, When, What

Come and join our alternative practitioners in the backyard of the charming Wallowa Lake Lodge

Sondra Sneed 

FRI | 9-28 | 12:30 – 3:30p | Workshop
Special Guest: Source Communicator, Soul Reader, Godscribe, Sondra Sneed

SAT | 9-29 | 10:00 to 5:00p – EXPO
SUN | 9-30 |10:00 to 3:00p – EXPO
In the backyard of the Wallowa Lake Lodge

Soul Readings & Private Conversations with God | Sondra Sneed | set up your appointment here


Consciousness Coach Dana Smith, author of Gifts From Garrett; A Story of Love and Awakening | by appointment / $20.00 for 20-minute appointments…up to 1 hour

Reflexology by Mark Cook  $20.00 for 20 minutes

Lady Thyme Herbs & Tinctures | Ruth Overholser (prices vary)

FootZoning by Healing the Soul | Laura Radar | $50.00 / 50 MIN

Crystal Healing | Jackie Fleming | $15 for 15 minutes

Reiki | Pam Olsen and Micki Mathews | $15 for 15 minutes. (Proceeds to be donated to WC Wellness Expo)

Tarot Card Readings | Nancy Alameda | $15 for 15 minutes. (Proceeds to be donated to WC Wellness Expo)

Ayurveda | Malia Melody – Free Information

Book your private readings with Sondra Sneed  www.godscribe.com/wcexpo/

To make appointments with Dana Smith and Mark Cook,
contact Jackie at 541-263-2458

For Expo related questions please call Pam at 541-569-2148 

                      Sept. 28, 29th, 30th, 2018

Featured Speaker

How to Keep the Head Right So the Body Follows – by Sondra Sneed

Sondra Sneed is a Source Communicator, Soul Reader, and Godscribe.  We met her at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival in Idaho.  She is a professional psychic and medium who channels the voice of God within.  Her work with Source brings clarity on topics from here to there and everywhere in between.  This talk will train the mind and body connection through thoughts and actions.

We met her at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival in Idaho.  She is a psychic medium who channels the voice of God within to bring clarity on topics from here to there and everywhere in between.

Sondra’s 3-hour workshop will kick off our Expo!

FRI 12:30p – 3:30p Free MP3 Audio recording of the program with ticket purchase.) Will be held in the dining room.

Learn more about Sondra’s Source Talks here.

She will also be conducting personal soul readings in her cabin during the hours of the Expo.  Sign-up and save your spot for a private Soul Reading.

About Us

We are a collective who have personally picked the practitioners and/or gifted individuals we bring to our Expos.   

Our Mission

By design, the Expo brings information about the many alternative healing modalities available that complement modern medicine.

As modern healthcare gets more expensive, finding holistic alternatives are becoming preferable to mainstream methods, which often include toxic chemicals and addictive drugs.

Finding answers to what might be causing chronic problems rather than just covering the symptoms is often a difficult path and finding the right source can be daunting.

We believe treating the whole person, not just the physical body, is what’s important. Often doctors don’t have the time to spend with someone to really dig deep for the answers.

As we become more aware of artificial chemicals, a more natural approach has become appealing.

Whether it’s a healing touch, soothing massage, natural herbs, psychic insight from a trustworthy source, or just someone to hear us can make all the difference when looking for our own wellness path.

When someone really listens to what we feel, we can be greatly encouraged toward healing the worry and stress of not knowing what we can do to help ourselves heal.

Healing needs to come in the mind, body, and spirit.

We believe that answers can come through various means, and if intuitive help can give us some answers, then why not try?

We believe that everyone has “gifts” that can be tapped into, also.

We’re in search of those individuals whom we feel can provide special treatments, advice, and methods to finding the right path that leads to our healing.  We also encourage a greater connection to our spirit.

Make Contact

WC Wellness Expo

P.O. Box 142

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