About Us

We are a collective who have personally picked the practitioners and/or gifted individuals we bring to our Expos.   

Our Mission

By design, the Expo brings information about the many alternative healing modalities available that complement modern medicine.

As modern healthcare gets more expensive, finding holistic alternatives are becoming preferable to mainstream methods, which often include toxic chemicals and addictive drugs.

Finding answers to what might be causing chronic problems rather than just covering the symptoms is often a difficult path and finding the right source can be daunting.

We believe treating the whole person, not just the physical body, is what’s important. Often doctors don’t have the time to spend with someone to really dig deep for the answers.

As we become more aware of artificial chemicals, a more natural approach has become appealing.

Whether it’s a healing touch, soothing massage, natural herbs, psychic insight from a trustworthy source, or just someone to hear us can make all the difference when looking for our own wellness path.

When someone really listens to what we feel, we can be greatly encouraged toward healing the worry and stress of not knowing what we can do to help ourselves heal.

Healing needs to come in the mind, body, and spirit.

We believe that answers can come through various means, and if intuitive help can give us some answers, then why not try?

We believe that everyone has “gifts” that can be tapped into, also.

We’re in search of those individuals whom we feel can provide special treatments, advice, and methods to finding the right path that leads to our healing.  We also encourage a greater connection to our spirit.